We believe that everyone should carry, look and be as they want to be. We do this by connecting people to the right services and solutions. On Zalonin platform, people can make informed decisions and easily book salons and connect with other like-minded people. Zalonin was started as a need to solve the problem of this much unorganised sector of salon industry and specially the salon industry of which 70%+ sector is unorganised.*

Every industry today has seen immense consumer-oriented and technological revolutions but so much in this. Better service and ease to use it something people always want so it will remain a need forever to go one-level up every time.

The time is now to bring the needed change to this industry in terms of eased, informed and better services to bring to you quality services under reasonable prices.

Zalonin provides online booking for salons, stylists and products delivery and help people make informed decision and choose the salon, stylists or product that provide best services under reasonable prices they want conveniently and with ease on our booking platform in our Zalonin app.

This world is getting more and more socially connected and we stand against the narrow-minded perception that certain people should look a certain way. Zalonin believes that you all should be what you want to be and we are simply here to provide you the convenience and get the best service in terms of quality.

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